Born in Yakima, Washington in 1946, Dennis studied Chemistry at the University of Washington in Seattle. He then studied and earned a BFA in Ceramics and an MFA in Design from the University of Washington. His artwork is included in many major museums and public corporation collections, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Evans was also selected for the 1978 Whitney Biennial exhibition in New York. He has worked as a teacher and mentor to many young artists and as a set designer for numerous Seattle theater productions. Evans is also a book and print publisher, publishing five limited edition suites of prints in collaboration with poets and other artists. He has worked as a performance and installation artist as well as a painter. He lives in Seattle, Washington, working in oil on wax encaustic with mixed media. He specializes in topics of arcane interest.

Born: 1946
Resides:  Seattle, Washington

1975     Master of Fine Arts, Design, University of Washington
1973     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Ceramics, University of Washington
1969     Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, University of Washington

2013     Woodside Braseth Gallery,  The Humbling of Indra, Seattle, WA
2011      Friesen Gallery, The Sultans Library, Ketchum, ID
2010     Woodside Braseth Gallery, Sorcerers of the River, Seattle, WA
2009    Woodside Braseth Gallery, After the Deluge…, Seattle, WA
2008     Friesen Gallery, After the Deluge…,Ketchum, ID
2007     Elins and Eaglesmith Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006    Woodside Braseth Gallery, The Philosophers Wedding, Seattle, WA
2005    Woodside Braseth Gallery, 22 Kits of Creation, Seattle, WA        
2003    Gerald Peters Gallery, Writing Lessons / Reading Sessions, New York, NY
2002    Woodside Braseth Gallery, Writing Lessons, Seattle, WA        
2000    Woodside Braseth Gallery, The Millennium Fires Chronicles” Seattle WA
2000    Erickson & Elins Gallery, The Autumn Fires Chronicles, San Francisco, CA
2000    Gail Severn Gallery, Ketchum, ID
2000    Laura Russo Gallery, The Winter Fires Chronicles, Portland, OR
1999     Simon Edwards Gallery, Cagliostra Library, Yakima, WA
1998     Erickson & Elins Gallery, “The Book of Hours”,  San Francisco, CA
1997     Meyerson Nowinski, “The Library of Babel”,  Seattle, WA
             Laura Russo Gallery, “The 55 Grammars of Eden”, Portland, OR
             Simon Edwards Gallery, “The Anatomy of the Perfect Landscape”, Yakima, WA
1996    Erickson and Elins Gallery,  “The Anatomy of the Perfect  Language”, San Francisco, CA
1995     Linda Farris Gallery, " The Four Forces of the Universe", Seattle WA
1995     Laura Russo Gallery, " The Four Forces of the Universe", Portland, OR
1993     Boise Art Museum, " The Science of Secrets",  Boise, ID
1993     Laura Russo Gallery, " Categories and The Classics",  Portland, OR
1992     Linda Farris Gallery, "The Critique of Pure Writing", Seattle, WA
1991      Linda Farris Gallery,  "Altered Altars", Seattle, WA
1990     Linda Farris Gallery, "LIBER MUNDI LIBER VITAE", Seattle, WA
1989     Linda Farris Gallery, "tHe gardEn foR reMembered deSires", Seattle WA
             Portland Art Museum, Northwest Point of View Series,     
             "tHe gardEn foR reMembered deSires", Portland, OR
1987     Linda Farris Gallery, "Talking Pictures",  Seattle, WA
1985     Seattle Art Museum, "Seven Halls of AeDvAeM",  Seattle, WA
1982     Linda Farris Gallery, "The Chymical Nuptials Of Soma, and Agni or Rather the Allegory of Corny
             Agrippa and the Slippery  Bath",  Seattle, WA
1980     Linda Farris Gallery, "Seven Garments and Seven Lies for the Passing of Days",  Seattle, WA
             Whatcom Museum of History and Art, "(12) Twelve Field Us(e)ages",  Bellingham, WA
1978     Braunstein/Quay Gallery, San Francisco, CA
             Linda Farris Gallery, "Instruments and Diagrams",  Seattle, WA
1977      Linda Farris Gallery, "Soundings", Seattle, WA
             The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
             Portland State University, White Gallery, Portland, OR
1976     and/or Gallery, Seattle, WA
             University of Washington, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
             "Musical Instruments of Dennis Evans"

2013     First Light, Bainbridge Island Art Museum, Bainbridge Island, WA
2012     Best of the Northwest, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2011      Friesen Gallery, The Silver Summit, Ketchum ID,
2010     Concise History of NW Art,Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2009     Speaking Parts, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2004     Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2003     Museum of Northwest  Art, La Conner, WA
1996     Museum of Modern Art, Drawing on Chance: Selections from the Collection, New York, NY
1995     Art  Access Gallery, Only the Shadow Knows, Revelations from the Unconscious, Salt Lake City, UT
             Bellevue Art Museum, "Drawings and Sculpture of Joseph Beuys / Contemporary Inspirations";
             Ed and Nancy Kienholtz and Dennis Evans, Bellevue, WA
1992     Security Pacific Gallery, "Sacred Forms Revisited, Contemporary
             Altars, Shrines and Icons," Seattle, WA
             Salt Lake Arts Center, "Dreams and Shields", Salt Lake City, UT
1990    Tacoma Art Museum,"100 Years of Washington Art", Tacoma, WA
             The Fabric Workshop, "Rain of Talent: Umbrella Art", Philadelphia, PA
1987     Bellevue Art Museum, "Private Visions, Public Spaces", Bellevue, WA
             NBBJ Group, "Culture and Perception: Surface", Seattle, WA
             Marylhurst College, Art Gym, "Inside Information", OR
1986     Tam ayo Ru fino Museum, "Artist Boxes", Chapultapec, Mexico
1983     The New Museum, "Outside New York: Seattle", New York, NY
             Seattle Art Museum, "Outside New York: Seattle", Seattle, WA
             Karl Bornstein Gallery, "X-Change: five LA artists and five Seattle artists", Los Angeles, CA
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             Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
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             and Acoustically Tuned Spaces", New York, NY
1978     Museum of Contemporary Crafts, "Harmonious Crafts", New York, NY
             Smithsonian Institute, Renwick Gallery of the National Collection of Fine Arts, " Harmonious Craft,
             American Musical Instruments", Washington, DC
             Portland Center for Visual Arts, "In Touch: Nature, Ritual, Sensuous Art from the Northwest", 
             Portland, OR

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Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY
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1980     National Endowment for the Arts, Artist's Fellowship

2010     University of Washington, Eye Clinic Harbor View, Seattle, WA
2004    Seattle Public Library, Carnegie Libraries, Seattle, WA
2001     Seattle University, Law School, Seattle, WA
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1991      A.T.T. Gateway Tower,"The Gateway Reliquary",  Seattle, WA
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1989     University of Washington Hospital, Cancer Center, Seattle WA        
1988     I-90 Lid Project, Seattle Arts Commission, "The Philosophical Promenade", with Keith Beckley, 
             Seattle, WA